Thursday, August 20, 2009

First's and Last's

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The last few weeks of summer have brought a lot of first's in the Coleman household and a lot of lasts...and a whole bunch of great food!

I finally got my first real run in after my broken ankle. A couple of friends and I ran the Adel Sweet Corn 5K. Yes it was a smaller race, but it was the first one that I ran more than 1.5 mile at one time and I didn't have any ankle pain. The only downfall that day? It was one of maybe three days we have had this summer that was 100 degrees and 90% humidity. Let's just say that at 8:00 am the air was thicker than midday smog in downtown Denver. I am not enjoying getting back into running shape, it has been much tougher that I thought. But I still have my goal, albeit a delayed one, and I am planning on a half marathon in October instead of the full.

McKay finally got her first haircut. She was a little uneasy, but alas there were no tears. Fortunately my fantastic friend Lindsay is a stylist and did a great job. Plus, Tinkerbell was a great help!

McKay also got her first real bike. She, of course, chose a princess bike with matching princess helmet and elbow pads. She is getting very fast. It is hard to believe that they boys were both riding bikes at this age without training wheels, but I am afraid to even tempt that with her. I can barely keep up with her as it is.

The boys celebrate their last day of freedom by holding our annual "Ice Cream fest". We spend the afternoon having water fights, giant slip n slides and of course, homemade ice cream. They had a great time and went through about 200 water balloons in less than five minutes!

The boys were not looking forward to their first day of school, I however, was looking forward to my first day of freedom. They looked sharped, because they were forced to, for their first day. It was back to athletic gear for them the next day! McKay was ready too. She really wants to go to school. In fact, when we dropped the boys off she bit me because she wanted to go in. She had a rough day yesterday. I enjoyed lunch with a friend and enjoyed the "peace" in the house.

The boys always get hair cut the day before school starts so we tried something a little TT'ish this time around by allowing them to sport "mohawks" for the whole day.

As for my kitchen....the garden has been wonderful. I am enjoy all of the fruits of my labor let me tell you. Some of the wonderful meals have been Portabello caps with romas, basil and fresh mozzarella; herbed foccacia, pasta with roasted grape tomatoes, basil and pinenuts; roasted beets with goat cheese, grilled zucchini with balsamic glaze to name a few. I also finally developed what I think is a winner of a shrimp poboy with habanero mayo. Delicious!!! I promise to get some recipes up soon, heck, I am even thinking with all of my free time I might make a food blog.

Well, I am off to enjoy a girl's night at the movies. Have a great week!

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  1. Sounds like life has been keeping you busy.. I love the boys haircuts. The pictures of the first day are super cute. I will have to get a copy of the one with daxon. Congrats on your run that is awesome. Have a great day!