Wednesday, March 4, 2009


For those of you who remember my post awhile back about McKay's nickname, we have made a change. No longer are we calling her "T-Rex". She has officially earned the title of "Stealth". Seriously, the kid is so sneaky and quiet that it is almost scary. Here is a entertaining dose of her naughties so far this week...oh, wait a minute...they all occurred in ONE day!

The first incident happened in the morning after my workout. I was starting some laundry and I thought McKay was still downstairs watching a movie. So after a few minutes (from many lessons learned) I decided to go check on her. Of course, she wasn't down stairs and I couldn't hear a sound from anywhere in the house. I checked upstairs and the main level. Still nothing...except for that eery quiet that tells you something is off. Then I hear this plastic crinkling sound. Where do I find her? Under the dining room table with a container of strawberries....almost all of which were eaten. She took a few bites out of each one and decided that when she almost reached the hull that she was done. So, instead of putting them back in the container she put them on the floor.

I never even heard the refrigerator door open...and I was just down the hall (literally 3 feet)! Plus she had to pull out the produce drawer and that is always loud! Luckily I caught her in time and I was able to clean it out. The formal dining room table is her new hideout so now I know where to look...unless of course she is hiding out downstairs which brings us to her second little escapade.

As I started getting dinner ready I took her downstairs to put in a movie. I came back upstairs and went to work. After a few minutes (and I am talking not more than 5) I had a feeling to go check on her. Down stairs I came and this is what I saw.

She had come upstairs, grabbed my purse, took it back downstairs, opened the wallet, took out the cash, cards, kleenex and lipstick.

First she must have thought how much fun it would be to color money with lipstick...then she decided it probably would look better on her lips (just a little)...and because there was still lipstick in the tube she thought it would be a whole lot of fun to color her....foot??? Yes, her cute little feet were covered in Rich Cashmere. Are you kidding me? She also got a nice healthy dose on the floor.

I have decided that the best way to keep me from exploding from frustration is to take pictures and then address the issue. It does help...a little. So, does anyone have a glass bubble or a nice size cage? I'll pay top dollar. Fortunately for me, "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is coming soon...


  1. haha...she seriously cracks me up! i love the new nickname. i love that she is a "girly girl" but also has a little mischievious side. so funny.

    PS: we need to come over one day and see the beautiful new house!!1

  2. Wow. I'm glad she doesn't do that stuff over here! And, about the cage, I bet it wouldn't work for her! She'd dig through the floor or something! Crazy girl! I commend you for your approach, though :)

  3. Wow! She is sneaky. I like your idea of just taking pictures and posting it to let out the frustration. I think I might try it. Carter does sneaky, messy stuff like that all the time too.

  4. Oh my goodness...that is too funny...probably because it's not my kid that did it.

    I love the picture of her foot. What a little spit fire. I love it!