Monday, March 16, 2009

The Big 8

This week started off with Grant's music concert. He worked really hard and I was so proud of him. Since our family is not blessed with musical talent it was great to see that at least his lips were moving. He did assure me that he was singing! And he was trying really hard to smile when he was singing. (You could see the chorister signaling with her hands often to smile!).

Grant also hit a great milestone this week. He turned 8. We are so excited for him to be baptized. He really wanted to have his party and baptism when other family members could be here so we will be doing that in April. But we didn't want his big day to go unnoticed so I joined him for lunch and then I took in Krispy Kremes to his class for his birthday treat. All the kids love to have extra treats to pass out to other teachers because they get some pretty cool trinkets in exchange for the treat. When he got home he got to open a few presents (the neat ones are being saved for his "real" party) and then he chose where to go to dinner. Luckily for me he chose my favorite Mexican restaurant (Mi Mexico) and we all had a yummy birthday dinner. (The Camarones de Mojo a Ajo is delicious and you must ask for Queso dip with your, maybe we will have to hit them again this week).

The youth in our ward did a service project this week and a few of them came over Wednesday night to do a little cleaning. It was great to have someone else vacuum and clean the outside of all the cabinets. I love free slave labor!

McKay is her usual mischievous self. She loves getting into cupboards and playing with cooking utensils. Her favorites this past week were the food mill and mini tart pans. I can't wait to teach her how to cook.

The boys have Spring Break this week and we are already enjoying it. Today it is 73 degrees and we have been outside all day. It should be a fun week...IF I can stay patient and IF the boys can get along and IF the weather stays good so we don't get couped up in the house and IF I eat a lot of chocolate! Wish us luck. Have a good week.

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  1. Saw your picture of you lounging in your hammock...nice!

    So I have never heard of that Mexican place and Mexican is my favorite food. Where is it located?

    Score on the youth coming by and doing some cleaning. It would stress me out...I'd feel like I'd have to clean before they could come and clean :)

    Have fun at the parade. I didn't know about the parade. Is it down town?