Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's starting to look like Spring is here...Psych!

What a great beginning we had in Waukee this week. I posted about our phenomenal weather on Tuesday, the snow melted and I even got a little spring fever. I planted herb seeds and there are a few starting to sprout up. It was nice to enjoy some fresh air drafting through the house.

McKay invited Berkley over and they had a great time in the playhouse. She also enjoyed her rides on the jeep and tractor with the boys and some neighbors. She thinks she is ready to drive, but she has no fear so we haven't let her try that quite yet.

Alas, it was too good to be true...or my brother in law Daron has quite the power over the elements because he said he was sending the "bad weather" our way. Sure enough, Friday the snow made another appearance. Now please don't think that I don't enjoy the snow because I do. And this snow fall was quite beautiful. But when you have a high of 62 degrees one day and then it is 30 the next it gets a little tiresome. I had my sliding door open on Tuesday for the whole day for crying out loud. Tonight I am sitting by the fireplace. I guess I was a little too eager for the sunshine. Oh well, the boys were helping Kyle shovel the drive way Friday night and were quite excited when he built this nice size hill. They literally spend all day outside on Saturday and finally came in when the were completely soaked head to toe.

Taylor made me a cute card from his class Valentine party and Grant made a frame that was too cute to not post. Friday there wasn't any school so we went and got the boys new suits for church, the boys used their book it Pizza Hut coupons, and we made the best cookies ever....Cherry Chip Cake Cookies with Cherry frosting! I don't use cake mix with the exception of Betty Crocker Cherry Chip and man is it good....that is why I rarely make it because I kid you not, I would have no problem polishing off the whole 8 x 13 pan!

The boys like to try to take my picture, but it isn't always the most flattering...and it is always when I am eating...I guess it is a good thing I exercise a lot.

Tonight Taylor and I decided to start building this wood pirate ship that he received as a gift two years ago. (It was a little too advanced then...who I am kidding, it is too advanced now, especially if the parent helping you has issues with patience.) This picture show us developing our game plan. I will post some more as we complete the project.

To complete the evening in true Coleman fashion, little Miss Thing had to do something that reminds us why we need to lock every door. Kyle called me upstairs to inform me that after we put McKay to bed she decided to get out and attempt to brush her teeth. There was a lot of toothpaste on the counter, on her hands and in her bed. I guess I will just keep my fingers crossed that there was more on the outside of her than the inside. I think the boys nickname for her grows more appropriate every day..."T-Rex, because she destroys everything in her path." Normally there would be pictures, but this is one of those situations that is only funny AFTER the fact.

Hopefully tonights episode isn't a precursor to the week ahead. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Have a good week!

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