Sunday, November 16, 2008


New house...way too much. New furniture...less than new house, but still expensive. Boxes aka endless entertainment for way too active boys...priceless.

This week has been exciting, tiresome, and hectic, but alas, we are getting settled. The week started with McKay trying to get Daddy to stay home. She has been so used to him being around more than usual the last couple of weeks that she wasn't quite ready for him to go back. Now that she has figured out how fun hanging onto your leg can be, she doesn't ever stop...EVER.

You can never be too grateful for play dates that entertain your kids without you having to do anything. McKay and her friend Orson had a blast chasing each other in circles...although in the pictures I got Orson is the one running from her...hopefully she'll get the chasing boys out of her system before it really matters.

Taylor had the opportunity to go collect food on Saturday morning for Combat Hunger. He was really upset at first that he had to miss cartoons, but after we looked at the Iowa website and read about the hunger problems in Iowa he was a lot more excited. When he got home he was so proud of the food he collected and was really happy about the families on our street that donated two bags! McKay really wanted to go with them but it was least she was prepared!

The most fun the boys have had in a long time was their discovery of things you can do with boxes. Grant came up with a great interpretation of Ironman. He even drew rockets and missiles on the pieces. They also discovered a new way to play some kind of keep away with a cardboard tower. Am I ever grateful for the fun that kids have with boxes, but even more grateful that I will finally have room in the garage to put in my car. Thankfully Kyle spent the day getting this fabulous pile of boxes broken down. Yee haw...a warm car to take the kids to school in.

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  1. Oh my holy boxes!!!!!! wow. you could sell those for like 30-40 dollars on craigs list! or something! wow, looks like they had a blast! brings back memories of my brothers and i having fun with boxes! gotta love cheap entertainment. but gotta love a warm frost/ice/snow free car better!!!! can't wait to see the new digs!