Sunday, July 6, 2008

Figuring it out

So, I hope you are all being patient with my severely lacking blogging capabilities. Maybe it is because I am getting too old, but I am still struggling with getting the blogs to look right AND correlate with the pictures.

It is so great to come across blogs from other people and see how they are doing. The problem with many of us, me in particular, is that we don't keep in touch with old friends like we should. In all of the places we have lived we have had great friends and neighbors. We recall fondly the times we've spent as newlyweds, poor college students, poor graduate school students, first time parents, and poor law school students. (I am not bitter about all of our schooling, I just thought it was funny!) All along the way we have had some wonderful people in our lives. Now that real life has finally settled in it is easy neglect the experiences in my life that have molded who I am today.

I should have jumped on the blog bandwagon a long time ago. I think I am missing out on a lot of acquaintances and friendships that could still be a part of our lives. If anyone stops by, please drop a hello!


  1. So glad that you found me and so glad that you joined the blogging world. I would never keep in touch with all the people I know and love if it weren't for something like this.
    Glad to hear that you guys survived the floods. I thought of your little family everytime I heard something about it on the news.

  2. LOVE IT that you started a blog!!! That is awesome :) We just love your family...and it will be fun to keep up with you guys and what your're up to in the "blogging world" too!

  3. I'm so excited you started a blog. I can't wait to show Daxon. He misses Taylor a ton. You have the cutest family and it looks like you are having a wonderful summer. I look forward to seeing everyone again, we think of you all often. Have a great day!

  4. I love blogging, it's the best way to keep up with far away family and friends!! I look forward to watching your site grow and become more you!! it's so fun to change it around and mess with it, try out for cute free backgrounds. anyways, hope to see you soon, can't wait to start going to thursday play group again!! school couldn't go any slower!! 6 months to go and counting!! see you!!

  5. Matagi's BOYZX4July 17, 2008 at 10:02 PM

    I was showing John the pictures of you guys and you know what he said...that you guys were our only really good friends that we had in good ole Rapid City. It is so easy to forget where you've been when your so focused on where your going with the "real life". Thanks for reminding me.